Kowall: Fiscally responsible budget builds on the strong economic foundation laid over the last four years

LANSING — Michigan Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, offered the following statement Tuesday after the Senate approved its Fiscal Year 2016 budget:

“This budget reflects Senate Republicans’ continuing commitment to hardworking taxpayers by eliminating wasteful spending and reducing bureaucracy.

“Just as every Michigan household is required to live within their means, so must state government. Today’s budget delivers an efficient and effective state government that lives within its means.

“The budget ensures Michigan’s roads are funded. It promotes accountability by paying down debt and reinforcing a long-term approach to a structurally sound budget.

“The budget strengthens our uncompromising commitment to education, supporting more than $1 billion in new state funding for our schools over the last five years to deliver a quality education for our children.

“It promotes safer communities by directing more money toward local police and fire services and funding the hiring of 75 new state troopers to help fight crime in our communities.

“We must continue to build on the foundation laid over the last four years for Michigan’s future economic success. This budget does just that.”