Sen. Kowall offers comments following the 2012 State of the State address

LANSING — After Gov. Rick Snyder’s annual State of the State address, Sen. Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, issued the following statement:

“I’m excited about what I heard from the governor tonight and I look forward to reviewing his plans in further detail when they become available.

“The changes we implemented in 2011 are beginning to pay off, but we have yet to realize all the benefits. For the first time in three years, Michigan’s unemployment figures dropped below 10 percent – that’s fantastic news, but our work is far from over. In 2012 we will continue the important work we started last year to get Michigan back on the right track.

“I look forward to pushing ahead this year with my legislative colleagues and Governor Snyder to turn things around for Michigan and our residents.”

Editor’s note: The senator’s audio remarks are available for broadcast from the Senate Majority Audiowire on the Web at: