Sen. Kowall to introduce ‘Uniformed Lives Matter’ legislation

Sen. Mike Kowall

Sen. Mike Kowall

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kowall on Friday announced he is preparing to introduce legislation that would treat attacks on law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical services personnel as hate crimes under state law.

Kowall plans to formally introduce the “Uniformed Lives Matter” legislation at the first possible opportunity when the Senate returns to session.

“Last night’s cowardly, murderous attacks on Dallas law enforcement officers represents an unconscionable act of aggression. The brutal slaying of these police officers while they were attempting to protect peaceful protestors of the Louisiana and Minnesota incidents cannot be tolerated,” said Kowall, R-White Lake. “These premeditated attacks, combined with the tragic events of the past week, illustrate we have much to do in order to make our nation safe for all members of society.”

Kowall will conduct both public and private discussions with colleagues, the law enforcement community and concerned citizens. Additionally, Kowall will be convening meetings with lawmakers and state budget officials to pursue a more aggressive timeline for body cameras for Michigan police officers.

“Until we have the backs of the dedicated men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for our safety, we will be unable to protect any other members of our society from the threat of hate crimes,” Kowall said. “While this tragedy occurred elsewhere, we must take immediate action to ensure it does not happen here in Michigan.”

Kowall is Michigan’s Senate majority floor leader. He has previously served as public safety director for White Lake Township in Oakland County.