Sen. Kowall working to help protect children from unsafe window blinds


LANSING — To help prevent tragedies involving children getting caught in window blind cords, Sen. Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, introduced safety legislation in the Michigan Senate Wednesday.

“Solutions exist to make window blinds safer. It’s time these sensible concepts become state law,” Kowall said. “I’m proud to sponsor these measures to help protect children all across Michigan. I strongly urge my colleagues to take swift action on these vital proposals.”

Senate Bill 602 would ban window blinds or other window coverings in child care centers that have pull cords or inner cords capable of forming a loop and posing a risk of strangulation to a young child.

The other measure, SB 603, would prohibit the sale of window blinds that do not include cleats, hardware, instructions for installation, and a warning about the danger of accidental hanging or strangulation from window blind cords that are not secured.

According to a June article in the Chicago Tribune, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports “that more than 200 children in the United States have died in the last two decades from being strangled in window-cord related accidents with blinds and shades.”

The nonprofit group Parents for Window Blind Safety believes that many incidents go unreported and in reality, a child dies every two weeks after strangling in the cords of window coverings.